is finished

It’s taken over a year but the website is now officially finished being built and no longer has any coming soon pages. With the website slowly climbing the google search rankings and the amount of impressions and clicks doubling over the last month, is finally realising its potential of being the number one place for everything Populous: The Beginning.

I would like to run through what pages have been implemented and what you can find on them, to give you a sense of what this website has to offer.

tech help

I decided that a page dedicated to technical help guides and the like realistically wouldn’t be very helpful. We already have an active discord server with many helpful users, as well some populous veterans who are more than happy to help you in the #support channel if you have any issues.

The tech help option within the menu was replaced with a direct link to the Multiverse Launcher’s page, because, let’s be honest, it’s so damn important and should have been included in the menu from the beginning.

The word modding is pretty broad when it comes to gaming, and it’s pretty broad when it comes to what you can find on the modding page of this website. Nearly everything relates to modifications being made to Populous: The Beginning here; the Multiverse Launcher obviously modifies your game (and there are mods within the mods), the campaign page is full of campaigns that have been created by modders, and the multiplayer scene contains thousands of features and changes that alter the way you play populous compared how it was played back in 1998.

The modding page is strictly an area to help you navigate to other areas, and to give a home to those that don’t really belong anywhere else. I don’t really how else to explain it – I’m drinking whisky as I write this, so it being eligible is a feat in itself.

Let’s have a look at each of the six included pages.

aka Populous: The Beginning version 1.5 (not as catchy as Enhanced Edition), is the newest build of the game that receives regular updates. Worked on by volunteers over at Populous Reincarnated, the game has had a vast number of changes to help modernise the world’s best and only RTS-God Game.

The page highlights some of the key changes that have been made to the game. If someone asks you about version 1.5, or the Enhanced Edition, you can direct them here.

The Multiverse Launcher itself will take you here should you attempt to ‘browse mods’. On this page you can download official and community mods that are compatible with the launcher.

The campaigns page includes more than 17 ‘essential campaigns’ that can be downloaded and installed at your own pace. However, if you’re a Populous: The Beginning fanatic and just want to download them all immediately, you can find a .zip file that contains them all on this page.

There are also some campaigns and/or levels that don’t qualify to make the main page but have been packed to work with the Multiverse Launcher. You can grab a .zip file with all these in as well.

The downloads page contains all the tools, utilities, patches etc. that have been created over the years. You should probably know what you’re doing before you download the majority of these. Some of the patches are totally irrelevant, but they’re there for the collectors.

There’s also a free copy of the game itself, shh.

A massive library of textures that can be used to change the terrain and skies of levels within Populous: The Beginning. Taken from the Populous Landscapes site that was put together by users of the community, redesigned to be more visually pleasing and user-friendly.

You can can download the entire texture packs on each page, or download them individually.

There’s a number of guides out there to help you, from learning to script in populous, to understanding how to create levels and worlds. Finding them can sometimes be the hardest part of the experience, so they’ve been consolidated on this page.

And that’s about it for the website changes. Obviously news articles, new campaigns, new multiverse releases etc. will continue to come your way, but for now the website is pretty much complete. We still don’t have a discord icon in place of the speech bubbles, can you believe they charge $99 per year for “premium fonts”?

So, that makes two milestones in one, because the YouTube channel has recently hit the 3000 subscriber mark. To celebrate this occasion, there will be a giveaway where one lucky viewer will win a brand new Chumara Shaman Doll, handcrafted by my lovely wife! To be in with a chance to win, make sure to join the stream on Friday 19th August 2022.