The website has officially launched today and it marks a significant step for this community and one that I believe will be significant for the well-being of Populous: The Beginning, thanks to the simultaneous launch of the Multiverse Launcher v3.

So, what’s this website all about?

Explore Populous: The Beginning

The slogan sums up why I created this website. Of course, it helps strengthen and widen the community of The Beginning, but it is to serve as a place that answers a lot of questions that fans of the game have and to remove the obscurity of finding content related to the game.

My vision is for this website to be the first place someone visits or thinks to visit when seeking information or content for Populous. Right now, we’re still in the early stages, but the site is functional enough to launch and it has what I believe to be its defining feature ready to use.

Single Player Campaigns

Play different campaigns at the click of a button!

Currently, there are 17 campaigns that are available on the website and have been made compatible with the Multiverse Launcher. For the first time, there is a place on internet with information about these campaigns and they are organised, consolidated and easy to understand.

To learn more about the campaign pages, take a look at the campaigns explained news post. Essentially, these campaigns have been organised and graded based on my own experience with them, and as I play more campaigns, more difficulties will be added.

Eventually, as more campaigns are made and when those that are currently incompatible are made compatible with the Multiverse Launcher, this library of campaigns will grow.

What about tech help and modding?

The technical help and modding pages are currently at the beginning of their creations. The goal here is to have a knowledge base for technical help which will contain guides and fixes to problems that users have with the game and any relevant third party utilities/content.

The modding page will be of the same ilk but with downloads for tools, unique game modes, and tutorials for creating or using the same.

There is no ETA on this so if you’d like to offer your knowledge in either field, please contact me on Discord or email me at craig@thebeginning.uk

Speaking of discord...

The discord server is now public and open to everyone. Please feel free to join to chat with those who share your common interest in this game, or perhaps you’d like to seek real-time support from Populous veterans: https://discord.gg/Ty7T2Y45qs