The launcher.

The Multiverse Launcher is a client specifically designed for Populous: The Beginning, through which Populous fans can play the game with numerous fixes, improvements and new features.

The launcher is also the perfect tool for managing multiple campaigns at once without having to move or replace any original files, removing the legwork of the past so you can focus on playing the game. 

Campaign creators can utilise the launcher to customise their campaigns on a completely different level compared to the original game, thanks to its DLL injection process. Campaigns such as Multiverse and Ascension can only be played via the Multiverse Launcher.

Experience an improved version of Populous: The Beginning with 60 frames per second and a modern input system for better mouse precision. Head to battle with thousands of followers at once, witness Shamans casting cataclysmic spells, and experience fluid cinematic battles in brand new campaigns. 

Check out all the new graphical, engine and quality of life improvements by downloading the Multiverse Launcher.

Click here to download the Multiverse Launcher

Choose from a variety of  campaigns and play themin an instant

Enhance your experience.

The Multiverse Launcher includes new features and provides numerous fixes and improvements to the original game.

Key Features

  • Campaign Manager – Easily play and manage multiple campaigns at the click of a button.
  • New Hotkeys – Dedicated hotkeys for selecting your shaman and her spells.
  • Raw Input Support – Better mouse; choose between Raw Input and DirectInput.
  • Modding Support – Lua scripting support with pre-built & toggle-able mods.
  • Improved Fog – Fog of War has been reworked to match modern RTS games.
  • Tribe Skins – Play as any of the four original tribes.
  • New Sound Engine Improved, higher quality audio.
  • Discord Integration Displays which campaign, which level and even which tribe you're playing on Discord.

Key Improvements

  • Graphics – Several improvements such as moving skies and HQ terrain.
  • Smoother Gameplay The game now runs at 60 FPS alongside several lag fixes.
  • New Object Cap – Object limit cap increased from 2.000 to 20.000 game objects.
  • Smarter AI AI has been slightly improved. Menu includes adjustable behaviours.
  • Practical Minimap A more useful minimap with visibility affected by invisibility and spies.
  • Armageddon V2 Armageddon camera is now more cinematic. More followers spawn in the arena and at a faster rate.
  • QoL updates – Including; level select, auto-saving and hotkey support.
  • Bug Fixes – Several pesky bugs were squashed.

Customise graphics, sound, game settings and even change your tribe colour

Getting started.

It is quite straightforward to start using the Multiverse Launcher. The only required prerequisite is to have Populous: The Beginning installed on your computer. You can pick up the game from a variety of places; the safest being GoG and Origin.

Start by downloading the latest version of the Multiverse Launcher:

Install the launcher into your Populous: The Beginning directory. The launcher should detect this automatically. If you encounter any errors when running the installer or the launcher, run them as administrator. Once the launcher is opened you can start tweaking the settings to meet your requirements. To start playing the game, you’re going to need to install a campaign.

Head over to the campaigns page and download your desired campaign:

On each campaign page you will see the Multiverse Launcher icon. Clicking the icon will automatically open your launcher and install that same campaign. If you already had that campaign installed, the launcher will select it to be ready for play.

Remember, you can install multiple campaigns at the same time.

Experience a new Populous: The Beginning

How it started.

The Multiverse Launcher was created by Toxicity and began as as a personal project to learn programming. Having tried to learn to program in the past, he would always come across various road blocks that would bring learning to a halt, but it was his love of Populous: The Beginning that gave him the passion and motivation to succeed.

Introduced to Populous as a child by his father, Toxicity had always dreamed of making his own levels, tribes and spells but never had the knowledge to realise this dream. In 2017, he began studying PopScript, the language designed and used to command the AI in single player.

The Summoning campaign was created throughout this learning process but it was his desire to customise the game in new and unique ways as well as the limitations of PopScript that brought about the creation of the launcher.

Inspired by the community’s first custom campaign, Age of Chaos, Toxicity created the ‘Multiverse’ campaign. The Multiverse was the first campaign that contained new units, buildings and spells and it so heavily modded the game that it needed a separate application to run it. Thus, the aptly named ‘Multiverse Launcher’ was created.

As Toxicity became more comfortable with programming, the scope of the project changed. It is his mission to allow other players to experience the same features and improvements in the game that he only once dreamed of as a young boy. The Multiverse Launcher can easily be considered the quintessential way to play Populous: The Beginning.

Version History

Version 0 | October 2017

The very first release that only supported the Multiverse campaign.

Version 1 | December 2017

The official public release that coincided with its integration within the Populous Reincarnated matchmaker.
This version allowed others to share their campaigns through the launcher and it even supported coop vs AI for a brief period of time.

Version 2 | December 2018

This version was the launcher's second complete overhaul and contained a huge amount of new features and upgrades.

Version 3 | April 2021

The most recent version of the launcher that includes even more new features and improvements; the campaign manager being pivotal for allowing users to play new campaigns.


It is advised to run the launcher in administrator mode because it will create a crash dump should the game crash. This can then be sent to Toxicity (the creator of the Multiverse Launcher) and he can assess what went wrong and try to prevent it happening again.

Toxicity can be contacted on the discord server under the same name or by email at He is open to your feedback so don’t hesitate to contact him about your experiences with the launcher.

See the Multiverse FAQ for common issues.

Multiverse Launcher

The Multiverse Launcher allows you to more easily customise your Populous experience with options that wouldn't otherwise be possible

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