Risk breaking your game with some user created mods

The Multiverse Launcher allows users to create and customise their own mods for Populous: The Beginning. To use any of the mods below, download the file, open the mod manager on the Multiverse Launcher, click install and select the downloaded file.

Community Mods

Robert Ashby (PS1 Narrator)

Play the The Beginning and Anniversary campaigns with a fully voiced narrator.

Official Mods

Smarter AI

Make AI Shamans more intelligent and more skilled.

DOT Swamp

Swamp's damage occurs over time rather than instantly.

Spy Sabotage

Spies can set followers and shamans alight.
Included in MV installation

Cyan Tribe

Play as the stylish Cyan tribe.
Included in MV installation

Purple Tribe

Play as the wicked Purple tribe.
Included in MV installation

Black Tribe

Play as the ferocious Black tribe.
Included in MV installation

Orange Tribe

Play as the devious Orange tribe.
Included in MV installation

Dark Fog

Adds an additional layer of fog that covers unexplored areas.
Included in MV installation

Renewable Fog

Dim Fog will return to areas that are out of your line of sight.

Have you created your own mod and would you like it to be displayed on this page? Contact Craig on Discord or by email to find out how.