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Campaign Packs

Get your hands on the .pack files of the Essential Populous: The Beginning Campaigns (that are available to install directly on their own dedicated page), as well as other user-created campaigns and levels that have been packed and are able to be installed manually on the Multiverse Launcher.

Essential Campaigns

Age of Chaos
Age of Chaos was the first unofficial campaign, making it one of the most popular;…

Celebrating the 15th anniversary of Populous: The Beginning, the original campaign has…

Devil System: Chapter 1
Not so long ago, after the chosen acolyte became the new Shaman, the god gave her a…

Forge of Fates
A very challenging campaign created by some of the most talented creators within the…

JC Levels
The original campaign has been altered in a way that is somewhat still identifiable but…

Katara’s Voyage
Help Katara restore balance to the universe by repelling the enemy tribes who attempt to…

Odd Worlds
A collection of challenging and interesting levels with differing degrees of……

Path of the Godchosen
Your Shaman will need all of her strength and cunning to conquer this solar system.…

Strange Journey
Whilst exploring a distant galaxy, Kanza Pavel happens across an ancient artifact.…

The Beginning
“In the beginning, there was darkness; then from the darkness, came the mana; and with…

The Seasons: Autumn
A collection of independent levels themed around the autumn season.…

The Seasons: Summer
A collection of independent levels themed around the summer season.…

The Seasons: Winter
A collection of independent levels themed around the winter season.…

The Summoning
You have been summoned by the Matak to help defend their worlds against the invading…

The Summoning II
Can you weather the curse and defeat your enemies in the conclusion of The Summoning?…

Tikal’s Journey
Guide Tikal through a treacherous solar system as she attempts to prevent Chaos from…

Undiscovered Worlds
The first and only official expansion from the creators of Populous: The Beginning,…

War for Survival
Twenty-five levels designed for more experienced players. Unfortunately, the campaign…

More Campaigns

Another Journey
Twenty-Five levels using modified levels and scripts of Bullfrog.

Countdown Challenge
Twenty-Five levels with timers that must be creatively conquered.

Mini Games
Twenty-Five puzzle-like levels.

Mini Golf
Twenty-Five holes of Populous Golf.

Race Challenge
Twenty-Five tracks for your Shaman to race on.

Standalone Pack I
A set of independent levels.

Standalone Pack II
Another set of independent levels.

The Forbidden Worlds
A compilation of independent levels.

The Order System
A very difficult remix of the original campaign.


Populous Demo

Remastered for the Multiverse Launcher, compatible with the Robert Ashby mod.