Enhanced Edition

Four new tribes

The biggest change to the game, the Enhanced Edition introduces eight player capability along with four brand new tribes; the Cyan coloured tribe, the Purple coloured tribe, the Black coloured tribe, and the Orange coloured tribe.

Two-Player Campaign

War of the Gods is the first cooperative campaign, where the blue and red tribes travel the solar system, conquering opposing tribes on their path to godhood; and thanks to it being the Enhanced Edition, there are up to eight tribes on each world.


New spells and buildings are unlocked through Vaults of Knowledge as the players progress through the campaign.


The campaign is accessible to all players with a gradually increasing challenge as each planet is conquered.

Rebalanced Multiplayer

Much more strategy is required to play Populous: The Beginning online when there are no restrictions. Revival rebalances the entire game to transform your multiplayer experience into one which is more true to the game’s core design.

Spell Changes

Spells cost different amounts of mana, some have had their effects changed, and a new spell has been introduced.

New Maps

Specially designed maps have been created that guarantee more strategic play, with support for up to eight tribes.

Notable Enhancements


  • Four new tribes
  • Eight-player support
  • Spells & Building hotkeys
  • Beacon/ping system to notify allies
  • Modernised Fog of War
  • Surrender function
  • Modding support


  • 60+ frames per second
  • Higher resolution support
  • Smoother and more precise cursor
  • More accurate pathfinding
  • Smarter wood searching
  • No population limit
  • Unlimited building plans


  • Spells no longer fail to cast or work
  • Spell charges are not depleted until cast
  • Spies display correctly on the minimap
  • Invisible units are hidden on the minimap
  • Damaged land no longer permanent
  • User Interface scales in higher resolutions
  • Sound engine reworked

Mini Games

Mini-games are a prime example of the capabilities of the Enhanced Edition. There are Boat Races where Shamans race to complete the most laps first, collecting power-ups and avoiding traps along the way, Quake where convert becomes an instagib laser and players fight Deathmatch-style, Disco Floor has Shamans scrambling to the correct coloured tiles before the timer runs out, Sparkling Tiles is Pogo Pandemonium with spells, and there are many others.

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Age of Populous

Tribes start in the Tribal Age with a select few spells and buildings, and must expand their settlement and grow their population to meet the requirements to advance to the next age. In the Fire Age, the tribe learns to use fire against their enemies, the Divine Age is the birth of religion, allowing tribes to influence others through speech or with planet-altering spells, and the Ascension Age removes the barriers that prevent the Shaman from becoming a god.

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No Limits

Well, there are technically no limits.. it just depends on how powerful your machine is. The updated engine is capable of having tens of thousands of objects within a level. Compared to the previous limit of 2000, this really cements the feeling that you’re playing a more modern Populous: The Beginning.

Higher Resolution Support

Upon release, Populous: The Beginning allowed a maximum resolution of 800 x 600. By modern standards, this is very small. With some minor tweaks, players could raise to 1600×900 before they would start experiencing graphical glitches. In the Enhanced Edition, these glitches are no longer the present and the game is no longer unstable at higher resolutions.

New Programming Language

Lua allows users to design, improve and fix the game in ways that were previously impossible.

Lua is a lightweight programming language. For those who know a bit more about programming, Lua is a high-level programming language. In Populous, both for the Multiverse Launcher and the Enhanced Edition, Lua is used to modify the game in various ways.

Mods made with Lua communicate with the game code itself and tell it to do different things, which results in a modded experience for the player.

Lua was chosen as the script for the Multiverse Launcher for three reasons:

1. It’s an embedded scripting language, but even more so, one that can be easily integrated within C/C++ projects.

2. It’s the fastest existing embeddable scripting language performance wise and has very low memory usage, LuaJIT being even faster than vanilla Lua.

3. Very popular, has been around for a very long time and has withstood the test of time. Very popular games such as World of Warcraft, Roblox, Don’t Starve use Lua as their scripting language.

For the Enhanced Edition? Probably similar reasons. Enquiries were made but no answers were given.

You are only able to use Lua code that has been predetermined by the developers of the Multiverse Launcher or the Enhanced Edition.

The developers of these versions can determine what parts of the code can be altered or communicated to by Lua. This sounds very restricting, but with some creativity it is possible to do a lot of crazy things.

There is another limitation which isn’t directly related to Lua, but it is something that you can run in to when working on mods. The performance of the game can start to suffer when the Lua code is not optimised or is extremely large. Because Populous is an old game, it was not developed with multiple processor cores in mind and only uses one of your processor’s cores, and it will eventually start to lag your computer, and frames will start to drop.

Populous’ Lua can be best learned by working with it. There is a notable scripting tutorial that is a great way to get started on modding for the Populous Enhanced Edition. The Multiverse Launcher has a slight difference in how it works with Lua, but the tutorial for the Enhanced Edition should mostly carry over to Multiverse’s Lua as well:

Lua Tutorial

Aside from the tutorial, there is a site that has all the exposed variables and functions from the game code visible which you can work with:

The Documentation Page of the Enhanced Edition

After working through the tutorial you should be well underway to start with your own mods if you use the documentation page to look up the names of things.

If you are stuck at any point of your modding journey you can always ask experienced modders for help. This can be done by asking in the Populous: Reincarnated Discord Server in the relevant channels, e.g. #modding, #scripting.

Community Project

We’re only able to experience this more modern version of Populous: The Beginning thanks to the hard work of some of the game’s most ardent fans.


Download the latest version of the Enhanced Edition


Report bugs and request features


Seek support on the official discord server

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