Tools, Utilities & Patches

Explore the tools that have been created and designed to make playing and modding Populous: The Beginning more accessible. Discover the Populous World Editor and other utilities that were created to accomplish tasks that weren’t previously possible, and, if you miss being enraptured by 3D skies and lightning strikes, download patches for the original game


Value Studio 2012

The Value Studio allows users to more easily edit constant values within Populous: The Beginning, allowing you to manipulate how the game works.

Raw Editor

Raw Editor is a tool that allows you to modify sprites, textures and backgrounds.

Symmetry Tool

The Symmetry Tool allows you to mirror sections of a populous world to create symmetry, thus allowing users to more easily create balanced maps.

Mesh Workshop

The Mesh Workshop allows users to import and export game models, and to edit existing ones.

Resource Workshop

The Resource Workshop is a tool for editing textures and backgrounds.

Texture Editor

The Texture Editor allows users to create textures and skies.

Sprite Editor

The Sprite Editor allows users to replace game sprites.

Sound Editor

The Sound Editor allows users to replace game sounds.

PopScript Editor

This editor allows a user too more easily edit Populous: The Beginning's original script, PopScript.

Key Remapper

A tool to help you rebind your keys within the original game; it's not necessary when playing via the Multiverse Laucher or Enhanced Edition.


World Editor

The illustrious Populous World Editor. A must-have for anyone that desires to create and edit levels and maps for Populous: The Beginning.

Random Map Generator

This utility allows users to create completely random maps based on their preferences.

Multiplayer Monitor

The Multiplayer Monitor reads the data within a saved or live game and shows what spells and followers each tribe has.


Windows 10 Hardware (D3D) Fix

This patch allows you to play the hardware (D3D) version of the original game; not compatible with the Multiverse Launcher and Enhanced Edition.

Unofficial 1.03 Patch

A collective community patch that fixes networking issues, includes the official 1.01 patch.

Official 1.01 Patch

The first and only official patch for the game, typically included in most installations.


Changes the texture patterns within the game, purely visual.


Multiverse Launcher

The Multiverse Launcher allows you to more easily customise your Populous experience with options that wouldn't otherwise be possible.

Populous: The Beginning

Purchase the full game at GoG or the Origin store.

Populous: The Beginning - Demo

Try before you buy; experience the demo of Populous: The Beginning, which includes two unique levels.

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