Multiverse FAQ

This FAQ contains solutions to problems that other users have come across whilst using the Multiverse Launcher. If you can’t find an answer to your question, you could ask the community in the #support channel on Discord or send an email to Toxicity.

Run the Multiverse Launcher as an administrator.

This can be fixed by ensuring that the game is running as administrator. Right click on "PopTBM.exe" and select "Properties", then go to the "Compatibility" tab and check "Run this program as an administrator."

XInput 1.4 comes with Windows 10 and as a result, this issue may be present on older operating systems such as Windows 7. Obtaining a copy of XINPUT1_3, renaming it to "XINPUT1_4" and placing it into the Populous directory will resolve the issue.

DirectX 9 might not be installed on your computer. Try installing the DirectX 9 End-User Runtime or as a workaround, try switching the Renderer mode to "GDI" and Input mode to "DirectInput" within your Multiverse Launcher settings.

The Multiverse Launcher hasn't been installed in your Populous Directory. Ensure that you have Populous: The Beginning installed on your computer.

You likely installed Populous: The Beginning with an installer that didn't include the sound files for space-saving reasons. The Installer from GoG is known to have the least issues. The Multiverse Launcher not being installed in the Populous directory could also cause sound issues.

Have you installed the game within "C:\Program Files" ? This folder requires you to manually allow elevation of the files within. The advised method is to reinstall Populous: The Beginning outside of this location e.g. "C:\Games" and then reinstall the Multiverse Launcher.