Version 3.3.8


  • Receive live news and notifications directly in the launcher
  • New option that can disable the in-game ImGui menu from automatically popping up
  • There’s now a Speedrun mode available which can be enabled from the Launcher settings
  • The Tutorial menu has been restored and added back to the game.
  • New modding effects have been added
  • “Draw Map Grid” option added to the game (ImGui -> Map Edit -> Map Editor)


  • Fixed 1.03 bug where AI spies would disguise themselves while being preached.
  • Fixed 1.03 bug where disguised AI spies were attacking buildings without revealing themselves. This made your units confused and unable to do anything about the attack.
  • Fixed a 1.03 bug where the AI was able to get their people stuck boarding ghost boats (trigger linked), which would eventually lead to weird behaviour.
  • Fixed a path traversal vulnerability with campaign installations
  • Fixed the horizon rendering glitch occurring on higher resolutions
  • Fixed a drawing issue which would eventually and randomly lead to a game freeze and/or crash
  • Fixed calling conventions which led to undefined behaviour (from crashes to freezes)
  • Fixed a Tornado spell bug where units would remain inside damaged huts
  • Fixed an 1.01 bug with an AI attack type (INT_ATTR_GROUP_OPTION 3) which would get them permanently stuck in an “awaiting state” command
  • Fixed a beta skin crash that would occur when transitioning to the Main Menu screen
  • Fixed an issue where spies would incorrectly disguise with beta skins active
  • Fixed a possible owner out-of-bounds issue with level stats
  • Fixed an issue that made saving slow and sometime overflow the stack
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when trying to load an invalid (not found) constants file
  • Fixed ImGui stack issues which eventually led to undefined behaviour
  • Disguised spies color on the minimap will be that of their disguise (unless they’re yours)
  • Data is properly saved and/or disposed when closing the game through anything other than the “Quit” button
  • The AI can no longer cast spells they haven’t unlocked
  • “Q” key will no longer be ignored by the game when assigned as a hotkey
  • You can no longer use hotkeys to cast spells while imprisoned
  • ImGui menus opened for the first time will no longer default to a 1×1 size


  • You may now change various parameters of the Tornado spell through the modding menu
  • The camera is now locked while using the Thing Cheat Menu (ALT+Q/A/X)
  • An error message will now pop-up when trying to launch the game without the base game installation
  • Ambient sounds present in Hell levels have had their volume reduced
  • Winning a level through the Level Select menu will send the user back to the Level Select menu
  • The game will now remember the last level selected or played from the Level Select menu
  • Loading a Lua script manually by typing “lua xxx” in game will clear all previous Lua errors on the screen
  • Console logging is now done exclusively through spdlog
  • Additional critical errors are logged to the console and more time is given to the user to read them
  • Activating not-so-obvious easter eggs will trigger an “Easter Egg Found” message
  • Updated the Thing Debug ImGui menu
  • ImGui is now DPI aware, it will scale according to the user’s primary monitor specifications. This only works for users with Windows 8.1 or higher
  • CnCDDraw is now optional (Settings -> Renderer -> Software Vanilla), however do note that features such as Raw Input, ImGui and windowed mode will not work without CnCDDraw
  • A flag has been added that replicates some of the Demo version features
  • Fail-safe DLL injection method added, as long as CnCDDraw is enabled
  • The skinning feature was reworked, along MANY bug-fixes it can now support up to 8 different tribe colors in the same level
  • Translation updates
  • Additional changes, fixes, new functions and hooks added to Lua
  • Countless performance improvements
  • Campaigns now have their restrictions shown in the details section
  • Disabled the F11 rolling demo function

Version 3.2.3


  • New modding system; the mod system has received a huge overhaul


  • Fixed a bug where AI Shamans would still be able to cast certain spells while imprisoned
  • Fixed a bug which made Wildmen run in place instead of walking to the shore and drinking water
  • Fixed an issue with huts not producing smoke when followers are inside
  • Fixed an issue where Shamans would walk into the armageddon arena
  • Fixed an issue where Shamans would appear transparent during an armageddon
  • Fixed *some* recolouring bugs while playing as the new beta tribes
  • The sky will now resume being red when loading a game save which had an on-going Firestorm
  • The red sky will now turn back to normal only when there are no more active Firestorms
  • The factory reset button for mods now works as intended (accessible through the ImGui Menu)
  • Fixed a memory leak caused by configs
  • Certain mod settings now save correctly


  • Building hotkeys will no longer work with unavailable buildings; they must be unlocked first
  • The arena created by an armageddon will no longer be affected by fog of war
  • You can now change the max. number of listeners a priest can have. (Mods -> Preachers -> MaxListeners)
  • Added more DoT Swamp settings, namely “MaxSwamps”, “AllowBurn” and “ExplodeOnBurn”
  • The “LightningPrisonExecute” mod is now turned off by default
  • Lots of Lua fixes, additions and error handling

Version 3.1.5


  • Added hotkeys for buildings. If your hotkeys stopped working properly, manually reset them
  • Added a new mod “Spy Sabotage People”. It will allow your spies to burn enemy people when holding SHIFT
  • Third-party mods support; users can now share their own mods. Installing a mod will make it available globally (not tied to specific campaigns)
  • Brought back some hint tooltips
  • Added a new chat command (“god”) that enables omnipresence
  • Easter egg addition and changes (total of 22!)


  • Fixed a crash related to people queuing to training huts
  • Fixed a crash related to building tooltips
  • Fixed a crash related to people trying to pathfind to invalid buildings
  • Fixed a crash related to the AI casting the Tornado spell. (Hard difficulty)
  • Fixed two crashes related to the AI casting the Lightning spell
  • Fixed a crash related to the AI casting the Blast spell
  • Fixed a bug with Spies being able to burn building plans (plans, not shapes!)
  • Fixed the mana bar not flashing when wasting mana
  • Fixed mana bar flashing when all spells are fully charged
  • Casting Firestorm will turn the sky red again
  • Fixed outdated sprite file. A couple of easter eggs appeared to not work due to this
  • Fixed slow smoke effect animation
  • Fixed irregularities with game statistics on level complete


  • The AI will no longer care about INT_ATTR_RANDOM_BUILD_SIDE when building towers, and instead always build on a fixed side (PopScript command)
  • The Solar System is no longer fully unlocked by default (unless development mode is enabled)
  • The Solar System will no longer let you select planets that are not part of the campaign (max. amount of levels is defined inside info.json)

Version 3.00

Launcher Features:

  • Campaign manager with the ability of installing and playing multiple campaigns at the same time. Your original game files will remain intact!
  • Configure NEW and original game settings directly via the launcher.
  • Difficulty select with universal easy mode available in all campaigns.
  • Play time is tracked for each individual campaign.
  • Multi-Language support.

Graphics Enhancements:

  • The sky turns red when a Firestorm is cast.
  • Similar to D3D mode, the sky is slowly moving.
  • Similar to D3D mode, the World View has no blue horizon glow anymore.
  • Lava has received a visual improvement.
  • Terrain is always rendered in high quality, even distant terrain.

Engine Improvements:

  • Object limit cap increased from 2.000 to 20.000. As a result, the infamous Object Overload issue is now fixed.
  • The engine no longer struggles and crashes when trying to render many 3D objects on screen at the same time. 
  • The game now runs at 60 FPS for a smoother experience, whereas the original game runs at 30 FPS.
  • Lag fixes during specific events such as shamans dying or stonehead discoveries.

New Features:

  • Discord SDK integration.
  • Better mouse support; you can now choose between Raw Input and DirectInput.
  • Dark Fog & Renewable Fog similar to the 1.5 version.
  • Ability to play as any of the 4 tribes via the Tribe Skin feature.
  • Key Remapper directly accessible in-game.
  • Mods menu where you may configure pre-existing built-in mods. These may also be configured and distributed in campaigns via an .ini file.
  • A new scripting engine has been added. You may now run Lua scripts alongside the legacy PopScript.
  • A new sound engine has been added. You may play and queue .mp3 files with Lua scripting.
  • The Single Level menu from the official Undiscovered Worlds expansion has been implemented.
  • Cheat menu which allows you to spawn objects at your cursor position. 
  • Units have different view ranges in Fog of War.
  • Enemy & friendly units highlighting when hovering them.
  • Units and buildings are now drawn on the mini-map.
  • Increased the people limit cap during Armageddon, now many more can spawn to fight!
  • Interactive Quest System through Lua scripting.
  • Windowed mode support via CnCDDraw.
  • Automatic quick saving every 3 minutes. Use CTRL + L to load the most recent quick save.
  • Crash dumps of the game are stored locally.
  • New UI support (ImGui) with plenty of development/debug tools.
  • A bunch of new game effects usable by others such as Poison, Resurrection, Holy Ground, etc.
  • Constants can be changed and saved while in-game from the Mods menu.
  • The AI is slightly smarter, with many behaviours adjustable from the Mods menu.
  • Replay system. Record gameplay and re-watch later.
  • Cinematic tool, if you ever wanted to capture game footage in style!
  • Computer Player tribes in submit mode (giving up) will be automatically revealed in Fog of War.
  • Creating a new save will keep track of the date and time of when the save file was created. These details are shown in the load menu.
  • Mod Manager built in-game.
  • Difficulty system accessible in-game with a scripting API.
  • In-game Map Generator/Editor.
  • Ability to ground paint land textures and object textures.
  • Spell and shaman select hotkeys.

Quality of Life Changes:

  • The Solar System has all levels unlocked by default.
  • BYRNE gets automatically enabled when Develop mode is enabled.
  • Dismantle hotkey. Alt + left click on a building will change its dismantle status.
  • Loud ambient sounds have had their volume adjusted.
  • Spells won’t change their order on the spell panel when their required mana values are changed.
  • Screen rotation speed during Armageddon lowered considerably.
  • People spawn slightly faster in the arena during Armageddon.
  • Hotkey profiles generated by PopKeyRemapper are loaded automatically by the game.
  • Spies can uncover other nearby spies even when not inside towers.
  • You can now select people inside buildings by pressing CTRL + LMB.
  • You can now deselect persons one by one by pressing the B key (key can be rebound).
  • “Cheat All Spells” (TAB + F3) will now unlock and provide you all Guest Spells.
  • You can now cycle through Guest Spells by clicking on the spell icon while holding the SHIFT key.

Game Fixes:

  • Balloons can be boarded under wood piles.
  • Lightning will no longer execute imprisoned shamans, unless directly cast on the prison.
  • Invisible units are no longer shown on the mini-map.
  • Spies disguised as allies won’t be revealed anymore.
  • Fixed a bug present in 1.01 where followers commanded to circle patrol would not auto guard and would instead run in place.
  • You can now select disguised spies inside balloons.
  • Fixed a level restart crash caused by Swamps.
  • Casting a spell right as your Shaman dies will no longer lose you the spell charge.