Multiverse Launcher – v3.3.8

Just when you thought that the Multiverse Launcher couldn't get any better, Toxicity swoops along with new features, performance improvements, quality of life updates and a…

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Multiverse Launcher – v3.2.3

Since day one, some people have been clamouring for the ability to save their selected mods to prevent having to enable/disable them every time they launched a campaign. Toxicity…

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Multiverse Launcher – v3.1.5

The first update since its release has landed for the Multiverse Launcher. New features, a number of fixes and a couple of requested changes are the highlights of this patch. I'll…

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The website has officially launched today and it marks a significant step for this community and one that I believe will be significant for the well-being of Populous: The…

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New Design at Populous Reincarnated

Populous Reincarnated, the only place to conveniently play Populous: The Beginning with other players, has received a much needed and sought after modernisation of its design.

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Multiverse Changelog

The changelog is a record of all notable changes made to the Multiverse Launcher.

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Campaigns Explained

The majority of campaigns created for Populous: The Beginning are available for download on this website. This article aims to help you understand what is included within each…

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Populous: Enhanced Edition – v1.5.3564

Fixed an issue where changing features would not unready players. Fixed an issue where the mana bar would not scale correctly using enhanced scaling. Fixed an issue where towers…

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Populous: Enhanced Edition – v1.5.3553

Added eight player armageddon support. Performance improvements for path finding. Fixed issues with the surrender command not killing off the tribe completely. Fixed an issue…

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Populous: Enhanced Edition – v1.5.3545

Configuration/Key Maps/Save file version bumps. Restricted discovery sharing to vault of knowledge triggers only. If desyncs still exist, you can turn off the new path finding at…

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