Making maps just became a whole lot easier.

Today marks the release of the Multiverse World Editor, a new utility that level designers can use to create maps for any version of Populous: The Beginning. The original world editor was created by Alacn and, despite some recent updates to make it compatible with additional tribes, has been an untouched piece of kit responsible for all user-created content.

Visual difference between old and new world editors.

This new standalone program aims to provide users with modern features, greater compatibility, and quality of life updates, whilst maintaining a similar design and control scheme of the original, allowing a seamless transition to the Multiverse World Editor.

Scroll down to read about all the features or simply click here to download the Multiverse World Editor.

Universal Compatibility

The Multiverse World Editor is here to simplify it all, bringing all the game versions together under one roof: Vanilla (1.01), Enhanced Edition (1.5), and Multiverse. No more juggling between different editors. The interface seamlessly adapts to the map format you’re working with, making it a comprehensive editor for all your world-editing needs.

Graphical Interface

The editor boasts a native-looking, user-friendly and familiar GUI, heavily inspired by the iconic ALACN world editor, ensuring a seamless transition to the Multiverse World Editor. You’ll find the same intuitive layout, making tool location a breeze.


The landscapes you create serve as a faithful representation of the in-game experience. What you see is precisely what you get. With support for land texturing and skies previews, your worlds will come to life in an unprecedented manner.


Numerous hotkeys have been introduced to facilitate a faster workflow, with on-screen tips that adapt to the available hotkeys, ensuring you can make the most out of these shortcuts with ease.

Seamless Editing Revisions

Undo/redo land editing changes. Now, you have the power to make changes with confidence, knowing that you can effortlessly revert or reapply your edits at any point.

New Additions

You can now paint textures onto the terrain (see image below), mark specific areas as “no walk” zones, copy-paste-rotate terrain chunks, and enjoy a range of quality-of-life improvements.

  • Support for all game formats.
  • Ability to group select, move or delete objects.
  • Familiar and native-looking GUI.
  • Top-down view mode.
  • Accurate renderer that matches the in-game world.
  • World-view support.
  • Landscape texturing and (D3D) skies.
  • Paint textures onto terrain.
  • Paint "blocks" textures onto terrain.
  • Paint flags onto terrain, such as "Shroud", "No-Access", "Lava", etc.
  • Plenty of new hotkeys with on-screen tips.
  • Land editing undo/redo functionality.
  • Ability to hide 3D models, markers, flags, etc.
  • Copy terrain chunks and paste anywhere.
  • Rotate terrain chunks.
  • Import any existing map as a placeable terrain.
  • Convenient tools such as "Swap Tribes" and "Random Object Rotations".
  • Markers menu allows users to search for specific marker indices now.
  • Quick access to menus by double clicking Markers, Discoveries, etc.
  • Mouse wheel adjusts the size of the landscape brush.
  • Trigger linked objects have a purple icon beneath.
  • Hovering over "Effect" objects will show a tooltip specifying their model.
  • Generate (scaled) Heightmaps.

Head on over to the downloads page to start using the Multiverse World Editor today.