The breakdown.

The majority of campaigns created for Populous: The Beginning are available for download on this website. This article aims to help you understand what is included within each individual campaign page.

A series of screenshots from the campaign are available on each page along with its title and a description that briefly explains the story and/or what a player should expect from the campaign.

Below the description is the Multiverse Launcher icon that can be clicked to install the campaign (providing the launcher has previously been installed and ran at least once) and prepare the Multiverse Launcher to start Populous: The Beginning with your chosen campaign selected.

Following this, there will be four, five or six categories (depending on the campaign) that provide additional information to help the user decide if this campaign will be of interest.

The person, persons or team that created the campaign.

The year in which the campaign was released.

The difficulty of the campaign which are categorised as such;

UndeterminedDifficulty has yet to be determined
BeginnerAccessible to new players
NoviceHarder than the original game
AdvancedFor experienced players
ExpertPopulous veterans only
UnjustContains one or more levels with the odds unreasonably stacked against you and/or are heavily reliant upon luck.

The number of levels within the campaign.

A link to a video playthrough of the campaign on The Beginning’s YouTube channel.

Shows that the campaign has been approved by The Beginning (see below).

An approved campaign is simply a way of noting that this campaign comes with a recommendation from The Beginning.

Approved campaigns meet the following criteria;

  • Campaign is relatively bug-free
  • Campaign has a storyline
  • Campaign is original (not a copy or remaster)
  • Campaign is not unjust difficulty
  • Full playthrough available on The Beginning’s YouTube channel.

This is not to say that a campaign that hasn’t been approved is a bad campaign just that this criteria must be met to be highlighted as such.