Multiverse Version 3.6.0

It’s been over two years since the version of the Multiverse Launcher that you know and love was released, and here I am again continuing to provide you with news of even more updates.

Version 3.6.0 doesn’t contain as many changes as previous versions, but its updates help usher in the first of two brand new campaigns available only on the Multiverse Launcher.

Remember, to install this update you’ll need to run the updated installer:
>> Click here to download the Multiverse Launcher

WARNING: As always, your launcher settings may reset with the new version. When the launcher is opened for the first time it may crash and restart automatically, and any previous game saves may be unplayable.

Achievement System

Is a game ever truly completed if you don’t have icons and text highlighting the progress and/or obscure objectives that you achieved?

Achievements of Ascension: Chapter 1.

Modders now have to tools the create achievements for their campaigns, and us players can unlock them as we play. The system is brand new, so any feedback you have would contribute towards its inevitable improvement.

gba1990 is already trying to make achievements display in-game.

Less Jarring Resolution Changes

The game’s resolution is set to always default to the setting you choose within your launcher’s settings, that is known. Sometimes, however, we like to change the resolution whilst we’re in-game.

Whatever you do, don't select this resolution.

With this update, when you are changing your resolution on the fly, the change won’t come into effect until you leave the pause menu. No longer will you find your game window bouncing around the screen.

Ascension: Chapter 1

Generations after the fall of a once great civilization, a small and isolated tribe resides on the outskirts of the solar system. Sworn to protect the magic sealed away in the ruins they call home, this tribe is but a shadow of its former self and will soon be put to the test. As for the first time in centuries, during a bright stormy night, beams of light had descended from the sky onto their world…

Discover remnants of ancient history as you face the challenges ahead, paving the way with each decision made. Whilst the past is set in stone, your actions will help shape the future and influence events yet to be told.

I don't think an umbrella would help..

The community has been salivating for the sequel to Ascension for a long time now, and whilst they will have to hold on for a little longer, this remastered classic is sure to help tide everyone over.

Ascension: Chapter 1 has been brought to the Multiverse Launcher, and it’s not just a simple wham, bam, port, slam – oh no, just wet your whistles on the text below.

Archer Class

Prepare to wield the power of the Archer class!

Archers offer a unique playstyle with distinct advantages and challenges. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Agile and Swift: Archers possess a higher base movement speed, allowing them to swiftly navigate the battlefield. Their nimbleness grants them an advantage in positioning and evading enemy attacks.
  • Piercing Precision: Take aim and deliver devastating blows to single targets. Archers excel at dealing high single-target damage, making them ideal for eliminating key enemies swiftly.
  • Break the Shield: With their specialized arrows, Archers can pierce through Magical Shields! No obstacle will stand in their way!
  • Fiery Arrows: Harness the power of “long-range” mode by selecting an Archer and pressing the F key. This ignites their arrows with flames, transforming them into deadly projectiles that set buildings ablaze. Watch as your enemies’ fortifications crumble before your fiery onslaught.
  • Unsteady Aim: While Archers possess incredible skill, their accuracy can sometimes falter. Be prepared for the occasional missed shot, adding an element of unpredictability to their attacks.

Art Gallery

As you progress through the game, unlock lore messages and stunning artwork that deepen your connection to the narrative. But that’s not all!

Once you’ve uncovered these hidden treasures, head over to the gallery for instant access to a curated collection of artwork.

Branching Story Paths

Explore different paths, unravel secrets, and experience gameplay elements and a narrative that evolves with your decisions.

Archer shooting at the invaders.

Whilst the original version was notorious for being crippling difficult at times, the creators have described the new edition as suitable for the more experienced players. To give yourself more breathing room or to increase the overall challenge, Ascension offers four difficulty options that can affect the mana values of spells and followers, how accurate the enemy shamans are, which spells they use and how often they attack, and various other gameplay changes.

Secrets to be discovered.
Shaman approaching a mysterious portal.

Unexplained environmental disasters and unfamiliar hostile tribes are causing the destruction of the solar system’s 10 planets. Can you quell the disturbances and bring peace back to the people that once enjoyed it for generations?

Visit the campaign page to install the campaign today!

In future updates...

You could expect to see;

Full Patch Notes

  • Added an Achievement framework to simplify the process for modders to incorporate, manage, and showcase achievements within Multiverse.
  • Added a new Spy command "Eagle Call" that can be customized and activated through the in-game "Mods" menu.
  • Fixed duplicated TID menus.
  • Fixed crashes occurring within GetTextCharacterWidth and GetTextCharacterHeight.
  • Fixed scripting structure gnsi.LevelHeader.Markers not being accessible from Lua.
  • Fixed error when passing a character as parameter. to scripting command CharWidth.
  • Fixed Fog of War "Cover" scripting command permanently fogging areas.
  • Fixed an issue where the cutscene system wasn't able to locate the requested file.
  • From now on, resolution changes will be applied once you exit the options menu.
  • Fog of War scripting behaviour changes: A) Commands to cover/uncover fog now overwrite/cancel each other. B) It is now possible to permanently cover the player's reincarnation site.
  • Multiple OnEvent hooks are now supported by the scripting engine as long as they are loaded from different scripts. This allows the same event hook, such as **OnMouse**, to be used in multiple scripts instead of being restricted to only one script.
  • DoT Swamp can now be configured to last forever by setting its duration parameter to -1.
  • Updated the credits - added gba1990 as a valuable beta tester.
  • In-game restart/save/load options are now available for levels with an index greater than 25.
  • The new sound engine no longer accepts empty strings as playback filenames.
  • PopSetFont now supports 11 extra fonts when specifying a 'bank' parameter of '2'.


– Added a “Storage” buffer that allows users to store and retrieve data between scripts. The stored data is not serialized and will reset when reopening the game, but it will persist across different levels.

– Implemented a new “Sound” system for playing sound effects. It shares the same volume slider as Bullfrog’s sound volume, but sounds play through the updated audio engine, akin to the “Music” and “Narrator” systems. Note that playing sounds will not be serialized, meaning they will not continue playing when loading a saved game.

– Plenty of new structures, functions and constants additions.


– Added OnFrontEndFrame event.


– [NEW] Storage: supported types ‘int’, ‘bool’, ‘string’.
     – Storage.type.resize
     – Storage.type.clear
     – Storage.type.push_back
     – Storage.type.pop_back- Storage.type.get
     – Storage.type.set
– [NEW] Achievements.SetCount
– [NEW] Achievements.Add
– [NEW] Achievements.UpdateValue
– [NEW] Achievements.UpdateUnlocked
– [NEW] Achievements.UpdateUnlockedValue
– [NEW] Achievements.GetUnlocked
– [NEW] Achievements.GetTarget
– [NEW] Achievements.GetValue
– [NEW] Achievements.Reset
– [NEW] counter_going
– [NEW] counter_get_time
– [NEW] Fow.UncoverReincSite
– [NEW] Sound.Play
– [NEW] Sound.Play3D
– [NEW] Sound.PlayWhilePaused
– [NEW] Sound.SetListenerPos
– [NEW] Sound.Clear
– [NEW] Sound.SetVolume
– [NEW] Sound.GetVolume
– [NEW] FENEW.startLevel
– [NEW] Narrator.GetVolume
– [NEW] Narrator.SetVolume
– [NEW] Game.getGameMode
– [NEW] Game.setGameMode
– [NEW] Game.quit
– [NEW] FENEW.setMenu
– [NEW] FENEW.getCurrentMenu
– [NEW] FENEW.setBackground
– [NEW] change_game_control_mode
– [NEW] is_player_alive
– [NEW] set_player_name
– [NEW] LbDraw_SetClipRect
– [NEW] LbDraw_ReleaseClipRect
– [NEW] LbDraw_SetViewPort
– [NEW] LbDraw_ReleaseViewPort
– [NEW] load_palette
– [NEW] gui_draw_me_a_person_ex
– [NEW] change_single_persons_selected_status
– [NEW] change_persons_selected_status
– [NEW] person_look_at_angle
– [NEW] set_person_draw_info_ptai
– [NEW] set_person_draw_info_by_anim
– [NEW] GetSelectedSpell
– [NEW] SelectSpell
– [NEW] start_level
– [NEW] save_game
– [NEW] load_game
– [NEW] create_shot


– [NEW] CmdTargetInfo::TMIdxs
– [NEW] CmdTargetInfo::TIdxSize
– [NEW] CmdTMIdxs::TargetIdx
– [NEW] CmdTMIdxs::MapIdx
– [NEW] CmdIdxSize::MapIdx
– [NEW] CmdIdxSize::CellsX
[NEW] CmdIdxSize::CellsZ
– [NEW] ShotGeneral::EffectModel
– [NEW] Player::LastManaIncr
– [NEW] GlobalNonSaveItems::Flags4


The following enums have been added:






In other news...

Limited Reincarnations Mod

Long time community content creator and newest member of the Multiverse Launcher’s testing team, gba1990, has created a cute little mod that allows players to restrict the amount of times any Shaman can reincarnate.

The Limited Reincarnations mod allows users to customise how many times each individual Shaman of each individual tribe can die, and whether or not the tribe will be destroyed when the Shaman no longer comes back to life.

You’ll need Multiverse Version 3.6.0 for the mod to work, and it can be downloaded over at the mod page.