Get ready to explore the largest solar system yet.

Not so long ago, after the chosen acolyte became the new Shaman, the god gave her a challenge. The acolyte’s well-known enemies have sent out teams of explorers across the galaxy in search of a way to use their divine powers without limitations. They reached a huge solar system where the once ancient god, Kikikini, lived. It’s up to your tribe to follow them and conquer the solar system before they find Kikikini, and become too powerful for you to destroy.

A planet on the distant edge of the solar system.

The Solar System of Devil Worlds was an unfinished sixteen level campaign created by two brothers, known as the Devil Brothers. Popular campaign-creator Impboy has remastered these sixteen levels, added an additional twelve levels, made the campaign compatible with the Multiverse Launcher and has rebranded the campaign Devil System: Chapter 1.

This campaign sets new records within the world of Populous: The Beginning;

  • Devil System: Chapter 1 is the first campaign to contain more than twenty-five levels.
  • Devil System: Chapter 1 is the first campaign created that can only be played via the Multiverse Launcher (version 3).
The totem pole could be the key to defeating the Chumara.

A campaign suitable for all players, Devil System: Chapter 1 has low barrier of entry in terms of difficulty, with each planet offering a more challenging and/or different experience than the last. You may find yourself allied to other tribes on one planet and controlling an army of ghosts on another. There are timed levels that create a sense of urgency, and planets protected by a god that reigns havoc from the skies.

The power of a Shaman not limited by her physical being.
Chumara seeking assistance from the gods.

Discover secrets, defeat common foes, and unlock spells and buildings as you naturally progress through this twenty-eight level campaign.

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