Sleek in blue.

Populous Reincarnated, the only place to conveniently play Populous: The Beginning with other players, has received a much needed and sought after modernisation of its design.

For almost a decade, the website and its features had been sporting a design considered unfriendly and unappealing to many. An obscure menu made it rather difficult to register to the service and to manage your account, especially to anyone unfamiliar with phpBB forums, and a lack of polish (uneven icons, borders and text etc.) made it look neglected or even abandoned.

The new design has taken care of that. Created by user Pure, he has managed to make the website much easier to peruse, thanks to its attractive, sleek blue look. A more compact and refined menu make the website easier to navigate (a common complaint with the previous version) and the website establishes itself with a new logo, again; courtesy of Pure.

“Being an old member of the community and having it having a special place in my heart, I always wanted to do something back for the community. Being a Web Developer and seeing the state of the old website, I saw that as an opportunity to help them with.”

See the redesign for yourself at