Multiverse Version 3.2.3

Since day one, some people have been clamouring for the ability to save their selected mods to prevent having to enable/disable them every time they launched a campaign. Toxicity has gone one better and completely overhauled the modding system within the Multiverse Launcher.

Remember, to install this update you’ll need to run the updated installer:
>> Click here to download the Multiverse Launcher

WARNING: Any previous game saves during a level will be unplayable after updating.

Mods Manager

Now accessible directly within the Multiverse Launcher, the new Mods Manager functions in a similar manner to the Campaigns Manager. You can choose which mods you want to enable, disable, install and uninstall within one location.

Mods are easily distinguishable by their thumbnails and beneath these you will see their titles and descriptions. More detailed descriptions can be revealed by expanding an individual mod.

The Multiverse Launcher already comes packaged with popular official mods, but for other official mods or community created mods, they will need to be installed by yourself.

This is really simple; you just need the .modpack file of your chosen mod. With this file available, click install within the ‘Mod Manager’ category and select the .modpack file. The Multiverse Launcher handles the installation and then you’ll be able to enable the mod.

Want to explore other mods? We’ve got you covered..

Multiverse Mods Page

Whilst it currently has no parent page (the modding section is currently under construction), the new Multiverse Mods webpage allows you to see which mods are supported by the Multiverse Launcher and download the ones you would like to install.

In future updates...

You could expect to see;
  • Support for the campaign 'Devil System: Chapter 1'
  • A new speedrun mode
  • More mods

Full Patch Notes

  •  New modding system; the mod system has received a huge overhaul
  • Fixed a bug where AI Shamans would still be able to cast certain spells while imprisoned
  • Fixed a bug which made Wildmen run in place instead of walking to the shore and drinking water
  • Fixed an issue with huts not producing smoke when followers are inside
  • Fixed an issue where Shamans would walk into the armageddon arena
  • Fixed an issue where Shamans would appear transparent during an armageddon
  • Fixed *some* recolouring bugs while playing as the new beta tribes
  • The sky will now resume being red when loading a game save which had an on-going Firestorm
  • The red sky will now turn back to normal only when there are no more active Firestorms
  • The factory reset button for mods now works as intended (accessible through the ImGui Menu)
  • Fixed a memory leak caused by configs
  • Certain mod settings now save correctly
  • Building hotkeys will no longer work with unavailable buildings; they must be unlocked first
  • The arena created by an armageddon will no longer be affected by fog of war
  • You can now change the max. number of listeners a priest can have. (Mods -> Preachers -> MaxListeners)
  • Added more DoT Swamp settings, namely "MaxSwamps", "AllowBurn" and "ExplodeOnBurn"
  • The "LightningPrisonExecute" mod is now turned off by default
  • Lots of Lua fixes, additions and error handling

In other news...

Robert Ashby (PS1 Narrator)

Coinciding with the release of the new mod system for the Multiverse Launcher, user Nationkid05 has created the first community mod.

The Playstation port of Populous: The Beginning included voice actors for the narration within the campaign. You can now experience the original campaign (and the anniversary campaign) with the same voice actors.

Named after the English voice actor, the Robert Ashby mod also features unused voice lines, smarter narration (he really didn’t like you wasting mana in the original game) and is planned to support more than five different languages!

Nationkid05 even created a trailer:

Head over the new Multiverse Mods page to pick up this mod.