Version 3.1.5

The first update since its release has landed for the Multiverse Launcher. New features, a number of fixes and a couple of requested changes are the highlights of this patch. I’ll now go through some of the important updates, then I’ll list what is expected to be included in future updates and then finish up with the full patch notes of version 3.1.5.

Remember, to install this update you’ll need to run the updated installer:
Click here to download the Multiverse Launcher

Building Hotkeys

To conclude the expansion of the hotkey system, you can now select building plans by using your keyboard. You will need to access the GUI Menu (Shift+F1) to set your own bindings as they are not assigned to anything by default.

Third Party Mod Support

The Launcher now supports custom mods; you can now create your own mods and share them with others. As an example of this, Toxicity has created four individual mods that will change the colour of your tribe to one of the new four tribes included in the 1.5 version of the game. He has kindly included these within the launcher itself so you will now all be able to play as one of the new tribes.

Spy Sabotage Mod

A new mod is available that can be enabled to allow you to burn enemy followers and shamans by first selecting a spy, and then holding shift and clicking the enemy unit. The unit will scurry away and eventually perish, as if touched by lava.

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs are quirky additions to the game that, once enabled by typing a certain word into the command box (TAB+F11), will result in a variety of bizarre and humorous changes to the level that you’re playing. Mostly named after prominent members of the Populous community, there are currently a total of 22 easter eggs to be discovered.

Red Skies Return

When casting a firestorm, the sky turns red to indicate the hellish destruction that is being brought upon the planet. Unfortunately, this wasn’t working as intended at release. This has now been fixed.

Progressive Solar System

The solar system will now make new levels available as you conquer each world, just like it functioned in the original game. Campaigns with fewer than 25 levels will not display worlds that are irrelevant to that campaign, and you can still select any level you like via level select on the main menu.

In future updates...

You could expect to see;
  • Mod settings that automatically save and load on game start-up
  • Support for the campaign 'Devil System: Chapter 1'
  • A new speedrun mode
  • More mods

Full Patch Notes

  • Added hotkeys for buildings. If your hotkeys stopped working properly, manually reset them
  • Added a new mod "Spy Sabotage People". It will allow your spies to burn enemy people when holding SHIFT
  • Third-party mods support; users can now share their own mods. Installing a mod will make it available globally (not tied to specific campaigns)
  • Brought back some hint tooltips
  • Added a new chat command ("god") that enables omnipresence
  • Easter egg addition and changes (total of 22!)
  • Fixed a crash related to people queuing to training huts
  • Fixed a crash related to building tooltips
  • Fixed a crash related to people trying to pathfind to invalid buildings
  • Fixed a crash related to the AI casting the Tornado spell. (Hard difficulty)
  • Fixed two crashes related to the AI casting the Lightning spell
  • Fixed a crash related to the AI casting the Blast spell
  • Fixed a bug with Spies being able to burn building plans (plans, not shapes!)
  • Fixed the mana bar not flashing when wasting mana
  • Fixed mana bar flashing when all spells are fully charged
  • Casting Firestorm will turn the sky red again
  • Fixed outdated sprite file. A couple of easter eggs appeared to not work due to this
  • Fixed slow smoke effect animation
  • Fixed irregularities with game statistics on level complete
  • The AI will no longer care about INT_ATTR_RANDOM_BUILD_SIDE when building towers, and instead always build on a fixed side (PopScript command)
  • The Solar System is no longer fully unlocked by default (unless development mode is enabled)
  • The Solar System will no longer let you select planets that are not part of the campaign (max. amount of levels is defined inside info.json)

In other news...

I have completed my playthrough of the Seasons: Summer campaign and rated it as advanced difficulty.